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Owner & Founder

Natascia Cesarano









Natascia is a fashion Designer and Stylist, originally from a small town close to the beautiful and romantic Amalfi Coast in Italy.  Passionate about fashion, art, design, photography and everything aesthetic related, she craves to explore new perspectives while becoming more knowledgeable about marketing.  She Studied Fashion Business at Parsons New School of Design where she found inspiration from all the women she met who had their own business, strong, beautiful independent women who really gave her the right push to finally become her own boss.  Thanks to her family, where she got all the love and passion for fashion and managing she is now capable of owning a jewelry company.



Natascia is a designer, a daughter, a wife but first of all a woman. She learns to be confident, respect  herself and to accept every strengths and weaknesses. Having self-awareness allows her to better understand her values and what she stands for.  She founded Romantica Jewelry Company in 2019  with the intention of giving positive messages to women, every piece is made to give the little touch that lets them feel beautiful from inside out. No matter how a woman decides to show herself to the world, taking the freedom to decide is amazing. Here women are not just buying  jewelry but giving to another woman a real opportunity to grow because ‘’support’’ is another action that every woman is supposed to do .Natascia loves encouraging support and empowering other women, we need more of it so let’s spread more love and no more hatred or competition towards each other.


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